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ABS DMV Services: Research Plan

1. Background:

This initiative research is important because it ensures me that I know my target users and their interests and needs. It helps me develop new mental models and identify potential pain points in my redesign process.


2. Research Objectives:


To design a website that is equally informative and user-friendly. To add features to the website that can assist users in scheduling appointments with ABS DMV Services.To learn more about the current interests, concerns, and needs of my target users.

3. Methodology:


I will use generative, evaluative, attitudinal research, and behavioral methods for my research plan. Generative research will help me find the problems I want to solve in my design, while evaluative research helps me compare the performance of existing designs that are similar to mine ("What Is UX Research? | Usertesting"). I can use competitive analysis, the 5 Whys, and online statistics to conduct generative and evaluative research. Lastly, I can use periodic surveys and questionnaires to do attitudinal and behavioral research.


4. Metrics:


I will measure success based on the quantitative data I collected from my periodic survey. I will give out surveys throughout the UX design process. Additionally, I know that I am going on the right path if my remodel fulfills most of my target users’ needs.


5. Task Time:


Users should not take more than 15 minutes to schedule their appointments at ABS DMV Services with the redesign website.


6. Task Level Satisfaction:


I would know when people are satisfied when my surveys demonstrate high ratings of positive user experiences consecutively.

7. Participants:


My target users are new car owners with valid driver’s license. According to Hedges & Company, 43% of new car owners are 25-54 years old, with 65+ years old behind them at 31%. Most of the vehicle possessors are male property owners ("Automotive Trends: New Car Buyer Demographics 2021").


8. Anticipated Timeline:


I anticipated that I would complete the project within a month.


9. Inclusion and Accessibility Considerations:


Since my target users are middle aged and up, my website must not have strong color contrast nor flashing images or videos that induce seizures. The buttons and letters should have some space between them for clients with low hand motor skills and big fingers. The page font would be plain because decorative font styles are hard to read (Lambert).


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